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[ SEA OF ENERGY]Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. We are making
an effort to present you with information about the various ways in
which energy from the universe can be tapped. Connect to the
frequency or vibrations of the universe and all things can be
experienced. This energy is free and exists everywhere-All that is
needed is a gateway to tap into this energy sourse. (both on a
physical, spiritual or mental plane) This is power to run our cities
and machines, to control and heal ourselves and be in harmony with
these energy fields.(Meditation, acupuncture Yoga, and the cosmic
force that is Radiant energy, some may call this energy Zero Point
Energy.The entire universe consists of tiny particles. The closer the
particles are and the tighter they are they become solid,so what
looks to us as a solid is actually a movement of particles at
different intensity.Solid matter is only solid when other solid matter
tries to pass through it. When the correct vibrations and or
frequencies and harmonics are applied to matter the tiny particles
react in different ways e.g. sound vibrations that can shatter a glass.
the other examples we will discuss later. Many pioneers into these
fields have unlocked secrets, Tesla,Keely, Brown,Moray only to name
a few.They all followed a different route which produced a similar
energy pathway.

ENERGY IS ALL THAT IS. The Electromagnetic energy that govern
the planets also is a source of energy that is surrounding us every

Electromagnetic and gravitational forces fields are spun out of the
surface of the vacuum and are all linked together within this state.
The TRICK is in knowing how to make use of this connections.

Maxwell's electrodynamics is a material fluid flow theory and it
assumes a material ether. The universe operates on three basic
forces Electricity,Magnetism,and Gravitation.
Electromagnetic fields oscillate. These oscillations are measured in
terms of cycles per second (how many times they oscillate per second).
The measuring unit is called a Hertz.

AC power lines oscillate at 60 Hz., the earth at 7.83Hz., the human
body around 82Hz.

Non-ionizing Electromagnetic spectrum starts at zero-no oscillations-
up to and through visible light--Trillions per second. Beyond that, in
an ionized frequency above light we have ultraviolet light, gamma-rays,
x-rays, etc.

The Earth is a giant magnet surrounding it are magnetic line of force,
that are charged with protons,electrons,and alpha particles. In order
to explain the interaction between the earth, its contents, and what
surrounds it, the layers of atmosphere must be touched on briefly.

There are three principle layers of the atmosphere "troposphere" the
"stratosphere", and the "ionosphere". We live in the bottom of the
troposphere, the stratosphere is a lid on the troposphere about 30
miles thick, above the stratosphere is the ionosphere and is hundreds
of miles thick. The ionosphere can be further sub-divided into layers
which are labled by letters. We only need to have a very basic
understanding of the above.
 Lightning storms and aurorae are evidence of electricity in the
atmosphere. Whenever a region of the earths surface moves relative
to its magnetic field, an electric current will flow throught the earth.
When 2 distant points on the earths surface are connected via wires
throught a galvanometer, a current flow will register. Local
thunderstorms influence atmospher conductivity and magnetic
disturbances on the sun have far-reaching effects throughout
the solar system, Solar winds are then formed which effects
electricity, gravity,and magnetic influences.

Since the days of edison , our use of electricity has hinged around the
idea that in order to use electrical potential, or charge, one has to drive
charged mass (electrons) around two wire circuits. Yet the mass itself is
of no value to us . What is usually importent to us is its electrical charge.
It is its possession of charge that enables us to make it drive motors,
generate radio signals and so on. The energy expended, however, in
pushing this charged mass around the place , is what consumes the power,

Tesla considered the use of one-wire circuits, utilizing potential and pure
charge without the expenditure of the energy required to drive mass.
So how do we utilize electrical charge without loss of energy? We create
a valve from the universal vacuum to the world of usable physical energy.

While it is understood that the static forces of electrical charge and
magnetism interact as electromagnetism, we have not as yet, identified
the corresponding like between gravity and electricity, nor between
gravitation and magnetism.

In engineering terms a force is actually defined as its ability to move
some MASS. That is force is actually defined by its effect not the causes.
e.g. electrical current--We have still not understood what in essence
it really is.

Similarly with all the phenomena of science--magnetism,gravity,mass,
electrical charge, forces etc. They are all defined by their effects,,,
as the effects themselves, in fact, and in terms of each other, too.
Everything we perceive with our senses or physical instrumentation is
an effect, not a primary cause.
Radiant electricity is a space flowing current which is NOT made of
electrons. Radiant electricity is composed of aether gas, this is Real
Electricity that flows without line charges. This electricity fills all
of space/vacuum, a vast reservoir of unsurpassable power.