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We live in a world that is increasingly dependent upon complex technology.Yet we often feel increaseingly disconnected,rushed and frustrated in our lives.  We seem to have become out of tune with the natural technologies built into all of us.  When we realize we have the inherent ability to create our own solutions--we need not rely on external mechansims.  We have the ability to transcend space and time.  Our preception should be redirected within ourselves to provide the answers.

The world beyond the level of atoms is not a solid mass but rather a fluctuating field of energy. ( Our preception has become narrowed to the extent that matter seems more real to us than energetic processes.) Quantum physics states we are in a living universe where consciousness and thought create matter. It is our ego, the state of our mind which prevents us from seeing how we are all linked as co-creators, co-manifestors of the otherwise sea of vacuum or akash, the human ego is our illusory precetion of our place in creation.